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Laser for rust removal

Laser cleaning offers faster surface treatment at lower cost compared to traditional cleaning methods, as well as more effective and precise removal of coating from various surfaces. The Grawostar line is a popular line of laser cleaners, with many customer references.
Grawostar ProMax uses cutting-edge laser sources of various power levels and characteristics to remove rust, oxides, oils, paint and other types of dirt from metal, plaster, stone, sandstone, and plastic surfaces.
With Grawostar ProMax lasers, you can provide services to your clients or perform your in-house work wherever the cleaning process cannot have any detrimental effect on the surface material.
Grawostar ProMax laser cleaner can replace traditional chemicals or blast cleaning systems. The cleaning process has no negative effects on the surface material, does consume any chemicals or abrasives, is energy efficient and environmentally friendly – all thanks to the laser ablation method.

Remove rust from materials

Grawostar ProMax will remove rust from materials of various sizes. In addition, the wide choice of fiber-optic cables will make it possible to leave the laser on top of a vehicle and reach the cleaning surface through windows, manholes or service openings. Precise cleaning of places which are most difficult to reach and minimum amount of dirt produced during laser operation are surely the major advantages offered by laser cleaners.
Please read the “Important notice – Fake lasers” section to find out how clients are misled by some companies that replace original laser light sources with fake ones. Grawostar ProMax is a top-quality device made of original components only – as evidenced in product presentation.
Given the various characteristics and power levels of laser light sources, each purchase should be consulted with the client on a case-by-case basis. Powerful lasers with a simple design are highly effective in removing rust, paint and oils, but they may be less effective when cleaning precious metals or removing graffiti from building walls. 

Clean milling machines tools and more

Depending on whether the client is a car shop owner, bridge constructor, producer of metal components, scrap metal collection company, or a CNC company – their choice of the most optimum laser product will vary.
Grawostar ProMax MFMDC will clean milling machines, lathes, CNC machine heads, as well as artefacts (such as coins, statues and places of worship which can undergo non-contact laser treatment).
Removal of graffiti with lasers is the most recent application of Grawostar ProMax MFMDC lasers. An optimum choice of a laser product will remove paint from building walls – either entirely or wherever other graffiti removal methods have failed. Graffiti can be removed also from granite, marble and other stone surfaces.
Surfaces are cleaned by hitting the cleaned object with a laser beam. Energy is generated at point of contact, and oxides deposited on metal and other surfaces evaporate quickly. Micro plasma generated at point of focus is highly effective in cleaning sandstone. Grawostar ProMax can be used to clean fireplaces, buildings, brick smokestacks and tombstones.
Grawostar ProMax offers quick surface treatment and, most importantly, requires no consumables. It is therefore a cost-effective solution, as it generates no costs other than the purchase price. Coming with an ergonomic gun and a cooling system, it can be used on production lines and inside manufacturing sites, workshops and schools. 

Light modulation technology

Thanks to the state-of-the-art light modulation technology, Grawostar ProMax MFMDC reduces the amount of waste products generated while cleaning. 

However, any surface cleaning process will still produce industrial waste. In the case of laser cleaning, it comes mainly in the form of fumes, which must be removed. To that end, you can use any TBH extraction system suitable for removing laser cleaning waste.
 Laser light with an optimum wavelength is very strong and highly focused. Therefore, appropriate personal protection equipment is required, especially electronic shields for longer work and protective eyewear. Please, keep that in mind (!).

As one of the very few market players we offer the selection of legal and CE-certified protective eyewear, meeting all the requirements of the Chief Labor Inspectorate and other inspection authorities.
 We charge no fees for the selection of optimum eyewear. The laser beam is not visible to human eye, you will only see the effects of the burning process during work. Regular welding goggles will not protect your eyesight!
Important notice! There are various counterfeit and illegal protective eyewear products on the market. The use of such products may lead to damage to your eyesight! 

Producer and exclusive distributor

Our company is a producer of laser systems and the exclusive distributor of Grawostar equipment. We also provide technical service. Our market presence dates back to 1993. For more information, see the “About the Company” tab. 
 We are able to design special-purpose or customized products for your Clients.
We provide lease and credit facilities, and we have partnered with many renowned leasing companies. 
 We offer original products only. Please see the “Fake lasers” tab, where we describe the practice of replacing original laser sources with cheaper ones and “repainting” them. Unfortunately, some clients focus on price as the only factor when selecting a laser product. Please be advised that we never repair lasers, and those which include repainted light sources will remove no more than 30% of the unwanted surface contaminants, and will last only 1-2 years (instead of the expected 25 years of useful life)!
No fake laser can compare with an original product. Do not use fakes – visit our company instead!

Laser power and source

Available power versions and laser types:

  • 50 W
  • 50W MFMDC
  • 60 W 
  • 60W MFMDC
  • 100 W 
  • 100W MFMDC
  • 150W MFMDC - * bestseller
  • 200 W 
  • 300 W 
  • 500 W
  • 500W MFMDC 
  • 1000 W
  • 2000 W
Available light sources:

  • Max
  • Maxtronics
  • Raycus
  • IPG Photonics
  • Grawostar JPT
  • JPT Raw

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Grawostar ProMax ⬞

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  • Waist: 65 cm
  • Model size: M

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