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Grawostar Light Liner ⬞

Cottonss striped T-Shirt

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Cost-effective alternative

Grawostar Light Liner is a cost-effective alternative to the much more advanced Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro line. 

Grawostar Light Liner is a laser cleaner that removes paint, rust and other dirt layers from steel elements. 

Coming with a horizontal-type gun and offering low-cost operation, Grawostar Light Liner is the best choice for inexperienced users of laser cleaning systems.

The device cleans complex surfaces

The device cleans flat or moderately irregular and complex surfaces. Thanks to is design, it can be used with a long fiber-optic cable.

In terms of configurable laser beam shapes, Grawostar Light Liner offers a choice between a linear and round beam. 

As a result, the device can be used for cleaning materials sensitive to surface deformations caused by laser treatment.

Easy to install and operate

Grawostar Light Liner is easy to install and operate. It does not require any chemicals and it can be connected to external exhaust systems.

Grawostar Light Liner removes resins, paint, oil and rust, and can be used by metal and sheet metal processing plants, aviation works, and electronics manufacturers. Non-contact treatment does not damage the cleaned surface, reduces the cleaning time, and facilitates the application of new coatings.

OLED screen is user-friendly, and the selected laser source ensures quick and cost-effective surface treatment.

Our Grawostar lasers come with an expert opinion on product innovativeness.

Cleaned materials

Cleaned materials:

Carbon steel Stainless steel Injection molds Aluminum Brass Copper Other materials

Available power versions and laser types:

  • 50 W
  • 50W MFMDC
  • 60 W
  • 60W MFMDC
  • 100 W
  • 100W MFMDC
  • 150W MFMDC - * bestseller
  • 200 W
  • 300 W
  • 500 W
 Available light sources: • Max • Maxtronics • Raycus • JPT Raw 

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Grawostar Light Liner ⬞

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  • SKU: #61590437
  • Occasion: Lifestyle, Sport
  • Country: USA
  • Meterial: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane

Fitting information:

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Model measurements:

  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Bust/Chest: 89 cm
  • Hips: 91 cm
  • Waist: 65 cm
  • Model size: M

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