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10kW RICO silent generator

RICO power generators are devices based on proven technical solutions.

Produced from high-quality generators and motors, they are a reliable alternative for both expensive and counterfeit devices (low price, poor quality).

The recognized quality of RICO generators is primarily due to the use of standards, original components and the design of devices. 

The main purpose of the designed RICO line was the service of heavy construction machines. Working in difficult conditions (often 20 hours a day) forced reliability, durability and solidity of the structure.

Today, RICO generators are successfully used in many areas of life - they are used, among others, on construction sites, when there is no other source of electricity, in hospitals, fire brigades, stores, food wholesalers, and more often at residential buildings.

System ratings

Voltage 400V
Hz 50
P.F (COS¢) 0.8
Warranty 1 year or 1000 hours of operation
Standby Power 11kW
Prime Power 10kW


Manufacturer RICO
Model YD480D
Type 4 Cycle
Arrangement 4 Inline
Air Intake Natural
Displacement 1.8l
Bore: mm 80
Stroke:mm 90
Compression Ratio 18.0
Rated RPM 1500
Max Power 14Kw
Governor Mechanical
Speed Regulation ±0.25%
Air Cleaner Dry type

Control Panel

The HGM6110N is an Digital Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas, gen-set applications. Monitoring an extensive number of engine parameters, the module will display warnings, shutdown and engine status information on the back-lit LCD screen and illuminated LEDs.

  • Voltage
  • Frequency(Speed)
  • Load Power
  • Power Factor
  • Running time
  • Battery Voltage
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Consumption(Optional)
  • Over/Low Voltage
  • Over/Low Speed
  • Engine Fail Start
  • Battery Charge Failure
  • Emergency Stop
  • Over/Low Load
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • High Coolant Temperature
  • Over/Low Engine Speed
  • Fail to Start Engine 3 Times

Liquid capacity

Oil System Capacity 8l
Oil Class CF Class
Engine Coolant Capacity 6l
Coolant Normal Type
Max Water Temperature 104℃
Thermostat 82℃-95℃

Fuel system

Fuel Tank Capacity Enclosure dependent
Fuel Consumption(100%) 220g/kw.h
Fuel Consumption(75%) 224g/kw.h
Fuel Consumption(50%) 240g/kw.h

Electrical system

Electrical Starter 12V
Charging Alternator 12V
Battery Charger 12V


Power 10kW
Frequency 50Hz
Excited Type Self Excited
Power Factor 0.8
Voltage Adjust Range > 5%
Voltage Regulation ≤±1% 
Insulation Grade H
Protection Grade IP 23
Phase 3 Phase


Power 10kW
Frequency 50Hz
Excited Type Self Excited
Power Factor 0.8
Voltage Adjust Range > 5%
Voltage Regulation ≤±1%
Insulation Grade H
Protection Grade IP 23
Phase 3 Phase

Weight and dimensions

Open Type:
  • Size: 1400(L) * 600(W) * 1000(H)mm
  • Weight:400 kg

Silent type:
  • depending on the type of housing chosen - please contact us when choosing
The data provided is indicative


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  • Country: USA
  • Meterial: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane

Fitting information:

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Model measurements:

  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Bust/Chest: 89 cm
  • Hips: 91 cm
  • Waist: 65 cm
  • Model size: M

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