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Laser Welder Introduction

Grawostar Laser Welder meets the clients’ demand for compact, inexpensive and mobile high-precision welding equipment.
 Automotive industry, electrical engineering, jewelry, aviation, mechanical engineering, medical technology, producers of plastics, tooling and molds, manufacturers of any welded metal objects, or dentistry – all these businesses have one thing in common: they use the advantages offered by laser welding and laser systems to produce state-of-the-art finishing techniques necessary to perform high-precision works. 
For laser welding, engraving, cutting, fusion welding or marking, we can offer a wide range of laser systems tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Our systems use cutting-edge laser technology to produce best possible results.
2019 saw the official launch of Grawostar Laser Welder™ 1000W, designed as a perfect fit for clients who want to perform larger-scale works without the need to invest in large and expensive welding equipment.

Why Grawostar Laser Welder™?

  • Quality–Our machines are always top-quality products. Grawostar™ is a Polish brand which for many years has offered tried and tested solutions praised and recommended by our clients. We guarantee high-quality product standards. 
  • Four product lines - GrawostarLaserman™ includes four product lines, namely: Laserman™ eXpress (cost-effective and versatile), Laserman™ III XS (ultra-durable shop-floor solution), Laserman™ V Pro (multi-color marking of stainless steels), and Grawostar Laser Welder™ (automatic welding machines). Every client can therefore find a perfect fit for their specific applications.
  • After-sale support–We guarantee professional warranty- and post-warranty servicing of our products. Our technicians have the necessary expertise and are well trained in the operation and maintenance of machines used for the processing of ABS, paper, steel, wood, precious and non-ferrous metals, leather, and other materials. 
  • Safety – WithGrawostar, you buy from a Polish company. Our equipment comes with all relevant EU occupational safety certificates. We do not sell counterfeit products or ‘Chinese’ protective eyewear. We always offer top-quality personal protection equipment to protect your eyesight and respiratory tract. 
  • End-to-end customer service – Our experts will assist you in choosing the most optimum solutions to cater to your company’s needs. With our track record dating back to 1996, our professional customer support is simply unparalleled.
  • Client references – Written customer credentials and a solid base of several thousand clients around the world. We offer you an option to consult our other clients and to visit our company in order to try and test our equipment on the spot.

Applied Materials

Grawostar Laser Welder™ is the perfect solution for all clients looking for a well-designed compact product at an affordable price. As a top-quality product, Grawostar Laser Welder™is the best alternative to our older welder models and will ultimately replace them on the market in 2019.

Despite its attractive price, Grawostar Laser Welder™comes with high-quality temperature controllers, a reliable control system, and a complete software package.
With its state-of-the-art design, the machine can be used to weld various types of metals (including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum).

High capacity, low gas consumption and low weight are additional advantages in applications where mobility and low power consumption matter the most.

Grawostar Laser Welder™ is designed for hand-operated continuous-wave and pulse welding, and produces high-quality welds.

The FIBER light source is made by a world-class industry giant, and its lifetime is estimated at 200,000 hours of trouble-free operation. 

With low operation costs, optimum optical fiber length, and a state-of-the-art hand-operated welding gun, Grawostar Laser Welder™ can be used in places which are difficult to access.

In addition to offering excellent welding quality and the possibility of welding non-ferrous metals, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel, Grawostar Laser Welder™ offers efficient welding of mixed metals (brass with steel, aluminum with copper, etc.)

Applied Materials

You are always welcome to visit our company for product demonstrations.

Important notice! Without adequate protection, the light beam emitted by lasers of this type can affect you eyesight, and welding fumes can be harmful to your lungs, other internal organs and skin. We offer certified personal protection equipment, while other sellers ignore such basic precautions and, as a result, expose their clients to serious danger. Please choose wisely!
Grawostar Laser Welder™ machines, estimated maximum thickness of welded materials
Moc Stainless steel Carbon steel Aluminium Brass
500W 3mm 2mm 0,5mm 0,5mm
1000W 4mm 3mm 1mm 1mm
1500W 4,5mm 3,5mm 1,5mm 1,2mm
2000W 5mm 4mm 2mm 2mm

Our company can design and make customized lasers tailored to your specific needs (inclusive with traveling cranes, feeders etc.). Should you need custom-made solutions, please contact us directly.

Laser Welding Demo


Laser Welding Demo 2


Welding of zinc galvanized steel sheet


Grawostar Laser Welder Pro ⬞

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