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Mechanical engraving

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Engraving jewlery, watches, gifts, boards

With the latest Grawostar engraving machines, we mark and engrave high-quality graphics and text according to the customer's wishes.

We engrave on medals, bracelets, watches and all kinds of jewelry. We decorate pens, key rings, flasks, cigarette cases and lighters with unique dedications.

We also carry out large projects, e.g. information boards.

Engraving jewlery, watches, gifts

With many engraving techniques, we engrave on a variety of customer objects, including cars. We also mark advertising gadgets.

The texts, graphics and signs engraved by us amaze with their precision and quality of workmanship.

Give a gift for a special occasion, with a unique dedication. Aesthetic engraving on a selected product will always be an unforgettable gift. We make occasional plaques, commemorative plaques, thanks and distinctions.

A wide selection of materials

We engrave commemorative plaques and unique commemorative plaques. An engraved acknowledgemens, distinction or diploma is the best way to honor a person or celebrate a special anniversary.

We offer a wide selection of materials from which we make commemorative plaques. We engrave in metal, brass, aluminum, engraving laminates and many other materials at the customer's request.

We provide services with the use of the most modern techniques and engraving devices.

Special plaques

We also realize for you:

  • Company boards,
  • Door cards,
  • Special arrays
  • Signboards
We make company plates and information plates with company logos. Having specialized engraving machines, we carry out orders on a variety of materials.

Maps and boards in shopping centers

We make door plaques made of metal, brass, aluminum, engraving laminates and many other materials at the customer's request.

High-quality engraving on company plates, adapted to external conditions, ensures durable and aesthetic company identification.

We also carry out larger works, e.g. we engrave and design maps in shopping centers, including multimedia maps.

We engrave coins and stamps

With many engraving techniques, we carry out orders in the field of engraving prints, stamps and coins.

We also manufacture nameplates and descriptive plates for machines and devices as well as other information plates containing the manufacturer's or seller's logo.

We are flexible in the selection of materials for processing.

We produce signs and boards

We engrave nameplates, descriptive and information plates for machines and devices. We also produce signs and more complicated advertising boards.

We mint serial orders and coins

We engrave in metal, brass, aluminum, engraving laminates and many other materials at the customer's request. We also deal with 3D engraving, reliefs and medals.

Please visit our mini gallery: https://quedex.com/gallery/11/

Engraving miniature elements

Thanks to the technology used, the engraved signs and symbols are legible after the end of the production process and throughout the product's life.

Mechanical engraving

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  • SKU: #61590437
  • Occasion: Lifestyle, Sport
  • Country: USA
  • Meterial: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane

Fitting information:

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Model measurements:

  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Bust/Chest: 89 cm
  • Hips: 91 cm
  • Waist: 65 cm
  • Model size: M

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